Web Development


Developing solutions with the lastest technologies available.

The quality of the back-end development of your website will often dictate how effectively you can manage content, new features, customers and your product offering. Proper coding also determines how fast your site will load, whether there will be any bugs to deter visitors and partly how your visitors will convert. At EO Inc., we develop tools for your website that fit your business model, and complete web development and software application programming solutions that are configured to your specific needs.

Websites are programmed with the following in mind:

  • Speed and Accessibility: We create valid XHTML and CSS to ensure sites load quickly and are compatible with all web browsers.
  • Functionality: A large part of your website’s effectiveness will be its ease of use and accessibility to unique users. We tailor your site’s network architecture to make sure the navigation is clear and useful; this increases search engine visibility, increases conversion and eliminates visitor confusion.
  • Language Fluency: We are proficient in all industry standard programming languages such as PHP, ASP.NET, .JSP, JAVA, and emerging web technologies like Ruby on Rails and AJAX to give you a myriad of options in designing your website infrastructure.
  • Managing Content: Websites are constantly evolving entities that require the flexibility of changing modalities. A good Content Management System makes it easy to maintain your website, lowering cost.
  • Future Compatibility: By staying cutting edge, your website will be a platform that can be built upon as new technologies emerge.

The EO Inc. Web Development Advantage

Our design approach is to balance appealing design with strong functionality. Some companies emphasize flash graphics as their main staple to “wow” visitors at first glance. This method gets in the way as visitors navigate and tends to detract the potenital customer from the sales path you want them to take. We integrate flash with conversion-based design that is both optimized for obtaining free search engine traffic as well as specifically focused on the needs of the user experience.