Web Design

Web Design is more than just how a website looks. It is a blend of visual technique and practical application methodology used to create a site that drives visitors to do what you want them to. At Ebony Oasis, we understand each company is unique. That’s why we perform an extensive needs analysis consultation to supply you with a web design that will most benefit you business.

Great web design is determined by three simple things:

  • The ability to convert visitors into customers
  • An appealing and responsive look
  • Being search engine friendly

Professional web design is also determined by three additional concepts:

  • Minimized load times with the use of valid CSS
  • Cross Browser Functionality
  • Valid code that will not have visitors leaving your website due to loading errors

The EO Web Design Advantage

Our design approach is to balance appealing design with strong functionality. Some companies emphasize graphics and animation as their main staple to “wow” visitors at first glance. This method gets in the way as visitors navigate and tends to detract the potential customer from the sales path you want them to take. We integrate flash with conversion-based design that is both optimized for obtaining free search engine traffic as well as specifically focused on the needs of the user experience.